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Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence outlines college football leaders' plans for change in social media post


  • WestlinnDuckWestlinnDuck Posts: 2,487
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    Are "routine conversations" the honest conversations that leftards say they want or just another chance to rail away at white people? Rhetorical question.
  • The five-part plan includes:

    Ensure all teammates are registered to vote and have Nov. 3 free from athletic obligations to be able to vote. - think this is great, was shocked (really wasnt) to hear only 20% of nba players were registered to vote, very progressive that league is

    Further discussions with university presidents and administrators to raise awareness about racial injustice and create initiatives to further empower communities. - its a college campus for fuck sake, 'awareness' happens 24/7

    Create community outreach initiatives, including clothing, food, school supply and book drives, and amplify local organizations that are helping communities. - great, feel like this already happens with other organizations but great.

    Hold routine conversations about change between college football teams and police departments, local governance and community leaders to build trust and empathy. - great, more town halls

    On game days, wear shirts and make statements on helmets and jerseys, and play tribute videos to recognize the victims of racial injustice. - 'black lives matter' on nba t-shirts has really made a difference, this will too!

    my thoughts, shut the fuck up and snap the ball you floppy haired fuck.

    I thought Lawrence was great in Shameless.

  • Bob_CBob_C Posts: 614
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    It’s like a mini insurance policy for Jacob. Might get a few less cheap shot hits.

    Not sure I like his pro potential as much after reading this, he’s focused on the nonsense. This kind of stuff will make him a DC hero at least when he inevitably gets drafted there.
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