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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.

S&P 500 at largest deviation w/ stocks in it since 1999

Why the S and P is up 65% from the low, and almost 10% for the year, the average stock in it is not up nearly as much.

Another example how the Faang stocks plus microsoft and salesforce are just dragging the rest along for the ride.

Last time there was this much difference was 1999 and that was the beginning of the tech bubble bursting that took the Nasdaq down from 9k to a low iirc of around 1200.

Build up cash boys, this is bubbleicious.


  • godawgstgodawgst Posts: 1,398
    Swaye's Wigwam 1,500 Up Votes 250 Answers Fifth Anniversary
    Just to add on, b4 today the S and P was hitting all time highs the past 2 weeks yet only 13% of the stocks in the 500 were sitting at all time highs. Average stock in the S&P is down 25% from it's all time highs and half the stocks in the 500 have no gains in the last two years.

    They don't ring bells at the top or bottom, but when Apple, Amazon, are doubling in 6 months, Microsoft going up 30 b/c of tiktok, Zoom and Salesforce going up 40% in a day, tesla up 100% since they announce a split that sound you should be hearing is chimes banging as loud as possible.

  • FireCohenFireCohen Posts: 16,797
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    Dude relax and drinking the cool aid like the rest of us.
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