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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.

How to avoid looking at annoying signature gifs



  • If you’re going to bash Britney fondling her boobs aggressively, I’m out.
  • dannarcdannarc Posts: 672
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    Non member, lurker, with Sig.....I'm pour
  • DerekJohnsonDerekJohnson Posts: 30,973
    Swaye's Wigwam Solar Eclipse Donator 10,000 Awesomes 10,000 Up Votes
    dannarc said:

    Non member, lurker, with Sig.....I'm pour

    If you have a registered account, you're automatically a member. You're just not a donator is all. But you're not a lurker.
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