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Roster Numbers - August 2020



  • dawgs206dawgs206 Posts: 445
    1,000 Awesomes 250 Answers 500 Up Votes Third Anniversary
    Did anything ever come out on why Pama retired? Injury or just didn’t want to play anymore? He was one of my favorite recruits from that class.
  • RoadDawg55RoadDawg55 Posts: 26,004
    10,000 Up Votes 10,000 Awesomes 25000 Comments Seventh Anniversary

    Good post but we can take 7 or so more. 13 is a normal number of graduating seniors. There are always 8-10 departures for whatever reason- most unpredictable.


    Kim and Fetters manage every fucking year to predict a class of 15 and then act surprised when it ends up at 20-25.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.
    Yep. I remember arguing with Kimmy about it. It’s amazing how little they know after all these years.
  • Those fucking morons were able to lean on the lack of transfers as an excuse this year.

    If both Kizer and Gilchrist are opt-outs, they’ll still count against scholarship numbers next year when they return, correct? (Assuming they return)
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