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2nd annual Brandon Kaho Commemorative Collegiate Career Impact Forecast

WoofWoof Posts: 631
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I'm only 5 months late, but given the Jack Yary news, it's time to revive the 2nd annual Brandon Kaho Commemorative Collegiate Career Impact Forecast (BKCCCIF).

For those of you that missed this last year or are new to the boreds, the exercise is similar to the Jesse Callier process, but you will predict the future career impact of all of our recruits. How you decide to value the contribution of an individual player will be up to you. The scale will be 1-5, with no half points allowed. There will also be a few other questions like most likely to get homesick and enroll at Alabama before summer practices, favorite signee, most underrated, most overrated, and recruiter rankings. Let your collective excitement for Jaden Green and Triston Brown run wild.

Please chin this poast and/or respond in this thread if you would like to participate. I'll probably open up the polling on Monday.

Here are the results from last year if you're interested.


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