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  • rodmansragerodmansrage Posts: 2,774
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    since the slate would be reduced by one game (from 12 to 11) and would be a full round robin, you could eliminate the conference title game and instead leave that as an open week in case a week is lost for one reason or another

    ok! in a season of lost revenues no fans in the stands lets play more games! im sure espn would be fightin fox sports for that zona/cuog matchup.

    And since this season is already going to be like none other in modern memory, you can reasonably assume that there will be no postseason.

    sure, lets skip bowls, lose some more money! im starting to see why cuog so hurt for cash.

    Dec 5: vs. Washington Huskies

    playing into mf'ing december when schools are talking of releasing students prior to thanksgiving, got it.

    I was also kicking around the notion of some sort of Pac-12/Big Sky agreement for that first game, if the conference decided on a 10-game Pac-12 season. I realize this is largely nonsensical, particularly for the Southern California teams

    lets pay for a body bag game in a season with no fans! again, making sense why cuog hurts for cash. also, iirc, p12 cancelled OOC?

    So anyway, this is almost certainly a “pie in the sky” look at things

    no, its just a shit article, T_T.
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