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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.

Fetters is about to get Odunze'd



  • Tequilla said:

    From what I've heard I'm not sure Ty Jones has a deep drive to be great at football ... he's got the physical skills to be very good at football ... not judging as playing sports at a very high level is a ton of work and definitely not for everybody.

    But I'm not expecting much from Ty Jones as a Husky going forward. I think there are other options that are all arguably better.

    Yeah, my guess is Ty Jones makes a small handful of catches this year, a couple dynamic ones that make people say "what if..." but he continues to be unaggressive and run lazy routes. He might not even stick around if he's not with the starters in camp.

    Hope he dunks all over my pessimism though.
    Man what a difference a year makes. We were talking about how Ty was going to be our best wideout last year and now there’s talk of him not running with the starters. He’s talented but that room is loaded.
    I'm actually glad that nothing important really hinges on Ty this year. Reminds me of when people were waiting for the Brayden Lenius "breakout."
  • dOgmasterdOgmaster Posts: 169
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    Nice to see 4 Ducks on that list
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