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Kid hits homer during an intentional walk


  • PurpleThrobberPurpleThrobber Posts: 23,280
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    Christ. Check the batter's birth certificate.

  • edited June 1
    In high school summer league, we were beating the crap out of a team. Then all of a sudden they brought in a pitch hitter. We found out later, the hitter was one of the coaches. Apparently, he played 4 years in college. Long story short, he pulled a high 80's fastball from our ace pitcher. The ball cleared the fence, and the wood shop department. They found the ball next to the auditorium on the other side of the school. The ball left with such velocity, that our left fielder didn't even take a step back. At impact, he just turned around and watched. We think he hit that ball nearly 500 feet.
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