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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.

Why don't minorities think about the consequences of spitting kids out...

...instead of blaming government for not having the dollars to pay for your 5 kids and mortgage, without an income-earning father? The local lib media is at it again blaming the HUD for not having enough dollars to help families with no fathers around due to the economy. No there's just not enough money in this Trump-run government to do anything of worth. Certainly not Kaneeesha Jarone 50-cent Jackson's demands for HUD funding, in a time when everyones' hours are getting docked and money is scarce. How dare king5 try and pull on the local heart-strings like this. Nobody gives a fuck about Moeisha when Matilda and Fred Johnson can't make their legitimate mortgage payments because both their hours and medical got cut at the local House- and-Mouse hardware store, in anticipation of obamadeath. Moeisha? Find your kids' daddy, make your fucking mortgage payment and quit blaming government and the white man. Fuck you king 5, and I hope Matilda and Fred find relief for their 45years of honest hard work, and contributions into SS and our system and economy. And I hope 50-cent Jackson's boyfriend can show up and help out with the mortgage. How fucking dare you stare in the eyes of hard-working Washingtonians and blame us. Get a job, quit using your kids (who are VERY cute ) as pawns and stop expecting entitlements. Game is up!
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