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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. If you dare criticize Jimmy Lake, you won't last long.


  • jecorneljecornel Posts: 5,594
    Butler Cabin Supporter Sixth Anniversary 2500 Comments 250 Answers
    You are telling me he wasn't taking team friendly deals? @greenblood
  • HillsboroDuckHillsboroDuck Posts: 9,011
    5000 Comments 250 Answers Sixth Anniversary 500 Awesomes
    That article is kind of shit though the overall conclusions are basically correct. But what matters are how the deals impact the salary cap for a given year. is the best source for this, check the links immediately below or the screenshots at the bottom.



    Again, as I've said all along Brady is a massive outlier. No other elite QB has ever taken the deals he has. There's no way having a wife worth hundreds of millions doesn't help here.

  • greenbloodgreenblood Posts: 9,286
    5000 Comments 250 Answers Fifth Anniversary 500 Awesomes
    Brady's salary was maneuvered brilliantly with the Patriots, by taking lump sums in select years and spreading smaller sums for the remainder. Tom Brady over his career has made his money, it was just paid differently. Let's be honest, this shows just how much smarter the Patriots are as an organization than the rest of the league.

    The $75 million difference is also skewed. from 2000-2002 Brady was on a rookie contract based on being a 6th round pick. Peyton on the other hand, was already past that salary restriction. If you compare prime Brady (05' and on), you'll see Brady made $137.8m and Peyton $147.4m. Peyton made more, but it wasn't as much as you suggest. The key is how the payments were structured. But this wasn't meaning Brady took a huge discount in pay, he just got his salary loaded in select years to maneuver the salary cap.
  • HuskyJWHuskyJW Posts: 8,335
    5000 Comments Sixth Anniversary 250 Answers 500 Awesomes
    Hope he can pay his bills.
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