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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. If you dare criticize Jimmy Lake, you won't last long.

IMPORTANT MUST READ: The truth about the 5g KILL GRID the US government is deploying against us

5g is currently being rolled out in US cities everywhere, despite opposition at the state and local level. It is being hawked as convenient, next generation technology designed to drastically boost internet speeds, and much more. The truth is that it is a weapon. Members of the US military and former generals confirm this. It will give the government a new tool to oppress you, to control your mind, to give you diseases, to KILL you and your family. You can laugh it off as a conspiracy theory if you want to. You do so at your own peril. This brief introductory video (call it 5g 101) will give you a layman's overview of 5g & its relation to the current US/China geopolitics.

You need to understand the power of sound frequencies to understand the nature of the threat that 5g poses. Sound frequencies can effect change at the cellular level. They can also affect behavior. They can be used to heal or used to harm. Do your own research. The high frequency, high radiation soundwaves of the 5g kill grid the US government intends to impose on us is an EXISTENTIAL threat. And its here right now, being deployed against us. The following video, 5G Networks and Frequency Warfare, goes into more detail about how 5g is actually a military weapon. Ask yourself this question: why is the US government deploying military weapons in our states, cities, streets, properties, and in our homes?

5g kills. The citizens of the Netherlands were recently forced into a nationwide rollout of 5g. Now their birds are dropping dead from the skies:

If you are into metaphysics and/or believe in the spiritual realm, believe in things like kundalini, chakras, the existence of soul, this video goes deeper into how 5g is not only an assault on our biological bodies, but warfare against our souls as well. God, Jesus, Satan, angels and demons are real, whether you believe it or not. The video also deals with the 5g connection to advanced AI and the transhumanism agenda that is currently being pushed on us, although I don't agree some of the fringe solutions mentioned near the video's end. I think 5g should be eradicated, period.

5g is a global threat. Countries all over the world are rolling it out with disastrous consequences for their citizens and for their health and freedoms. Fortunately it is not completely up and running in the US everywhere. Not yet. As always, do your own research. The best way to fight 5g is to raise awareness about the lethal risks it poses to humanity. Posting flyers like this one in your libraries, your schools, and anywhere else you can is a simple but effective way to spread the word.



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