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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. If you dare criticize Jimmy Lake, you won't last long.

Matt Prehm apprenticing under KGrizzle

SleutherDuck said... (original post)

Anyone who has “Seattle Finest” as their handle is clearly a Huskie fan because only a moron would have a Washington related handle on a Oregon Duck board. Looking forward to whoooping your ass again next year Fuskie!

MattPrehm 39258
26 minutes ago
SF is a Duck fan and you've been warned time and time again about being an asshole to people. Stop it

SleutherDuck said... (original post)

1) I was joking

2) Who have I been warned by? What are you talking about?

3) you let people ad hominem attack me all the time and do not say anything. Get out of here with this crap

MattPrehm 39258
7 minutes ago

Well, I can fix that

Point is this: Cut this crap out about attacking people. You posted under a different name in 2017, were warned time and time again to keep it clean and not attack people. You were eventually banned and then you signed up under a different account. End this now, or I'll ban you by IP and you'll never be able to get onto the site ever again

I'm hearing that next time there won't be a warning


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