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Battle of the Bands - Soul Train Edition, presented by Yellow Snow and HillsboroDuck

YellowSnowYellowSnow Posts: 12,796
Swaye's Wigwam 10000 Comments 250 Answers 500 Awesomes
In honor of Black History Month, Yellow Snow and @HillsboroDuck are pleased to announce a Battle of the Bands featuring 32 of the greatest soul, R&B, and funk artists of the past 60 years. I handled seeding the 60’s and 70’s and @HillsboroDuck took the reins for the 80s the present to keep us out of the mud. There were some tough calls no doubt to get this whittled down to 32 artists and if you don’t like our judgments here, well then F.O. Poles will open very soon.

1960's Bracket

1- James Brown
8- Smokey Robison
4- Otis Redding
5-Diana Ross & The Supremes
3- Aretha Franklin
6- Sam Cooke
2- Ray Charles
7- Wilson Pickett

1970's Bracket

1- Stevie Wonder
8- Kool & Gang
4- Sly & The Family Stone
5- Al Green
3- Marvin Gaye
6- Bill Withers
2- Parliament / Funkadelic
7- Ike & Tina Turner

1980's to early 90’s Bracket

1- Michael Jackson
8- New Edition
4- Rick James
5- Lionel Ritchie
3- Whitney Houston
6- Janet Jackson
2- Prince
7- Luther Vandross

Mid 90's to Present Bracket

1- Beyonce (Destiny's Child)
8- K-Ci & JoJo / Jodeci
4- R Kelly
5- TLC
3- Boyz II Men
6- Mary J Blige
2- Mariah Carey
7- Alicia Keys



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