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Message from a soon-to-be former Hardcore Poster.

Just received this message from a guy (who shall remain anonymous) that I've interacted with over the years on DM and HH: "Idiocy is the norm on this board. People who disagree with the majority idiots would rather just not comment to remain in the "in-crowd" and avoid negative responses. The endless circle jerk and pandering continues just like on fucking Doogman. I don't give a fuck about attention or validation. If I did I would be one of the many circle jerkers pandering for chins. I speak my fucking mind. Anybody with a fucking brain knows a Jake Browning led UW team is getting butt fucked in the Playoffs. "Making the playoffs" is not a positive when you get butt fucked on national television you idiots. I expect UW to be on a similar level to teams like Michigan, Penn State, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. Playing any of those teams in the Rose Bowl is a good match up for UW because there won't be a massive talent gap like there would be versus Bama, Georgia, Clemson, or Ohio State. If UW makes the playoffs it won't mean that they're a better team compared to if they were selected for the Rose Bowl. It will simply mean other teams that are better than UW around the nation don't take care of business against better competition than the Pac-12 and UW benefits from that. In no way will UW deserve to go to the Playoffs again with Browning at QB and a bunch of JAGs at WR and no Hunter Bryant and fucking BBK as the starting MIKE backer. FUCK OFF!"

The guy that sent me this note is NO fan of kim or any of the other jerks over at DM.

Look, I'm not going to advocate for people to be censored (like the d-bags that ruined DM), nor am I going to lecture anybody. I will only say that this website has the opportunity to become a REAL and UNFILTERED alternative to DM. The problem is that a few folks on here insist on turning threads into name-calling and 8th-grade-level cursing contests, or just an opportunity to 'zing' other people.

I'll be the first to say that at times I've been guilty of that BS as well.

I guess my only suggestion is that some folks should decide if they want this to become the website that ALL OF US have described at one time or another - a place of INTELLIGENT analysis where INTENSE criticism and UNSCRIPTED opinion is welcome - or do we want HH to be just a place of one-liners, biting insults, and contests to tear down others. I realize that it's often both, but I tend to agree with this guy that it tilts a little too much toward the latter.

Just a thought. Peace. Now fire away.


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