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Steve Sarkisian loses $30 Million wrongful termination lawsuit against USC

BaldwinIVBaldwinIV Posts: 676
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edited July 9 in Hardcore Husky Board


USC argued that it tried to get help for Sark after an embarrassing booze-fueled rant at a Salute to Troy event in August 2015, but at the time Steve claimed he was NOT an alcoholic and attributed the behavior to a bad reaction from mixing Rx pills with beers.

USC had Sark sign a "last-chance agreement" requiring him to apologize for his behavior and attend weekly counseling sessions with substance abuse specialists. USC also warned Sark that any further incident that embarrassed the school would "constitute immediate termination for cause."

Sark signed the document, but USC says at the time he adamantly denied having a drinking problem.

Two months later, Sark had a drunken meltdown in the days after a loss to the University of Washington and was put on an indefinite leave on Oct 11. USC fired him on Oct. 12.


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