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report: sark’s job is on the line a “great deal” this season

rodmansragerodmansrage Posts: 2,204
Swaye's Wigwam 250 Answers 1000 Comments 500 Up Votes


- it’s clear he stumbled last season with what was previously the league’s best offense

- new quarterback coach Greg Knapp was brought in to help with the offensive game plan and in-game adjustments

- the quarterback coach (knapp, if you cant remember the sentence above) is Sarkisian’s unofficial “sounding board.”

- there might have been a little too much optimism with Sarkisian entering his first season

- we saw Sarkisian struggling to adjust to the NFL, the offense, and whatever playbook they were using

color me shocked that sark rode the hype train and underperformed, shocked i say. there is waaaaay too much talent on that team for them to struggle.


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