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Welcome one and all to the First Annual Hardcore Husky Metal National Invitational Tournament. Seeding and brackets were decided upon by our council of expert headbangers @Swaye @Fire_Marshall_Bill @Bad_MotherDucker & @YellowSnow. Brackets were broken up by genre as follows with *at large* bids given to the lower end of the brackets when it was decided that a band from another genre was higher overall seeded than a low seed in that bracket/genre. In other words, there wasn't a neat and tidy way to break up metal bands into four categories so some bands were shoehorned into lower seeds.

Bands will play out in seeded brackets that mix up the matchups so that in-conference/genre bands won't meet until the elite eight at the earliest. This will hopefully eliminate the tendency for strong bracket contenders knocking each-other out in the early rounds. Without further delay, I give you the brackets.

Games(polling) will begin this week in a staggered starting format with three days given for voting.


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