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Wilner Continues Campaign Against PAC-12 Idiocy

No matter your opinion of John Wilner, you have to admit the dude isn't afraid to throw blows at the Pac-12. He's calling out the conference for again scheduling against a team getting to the playoffs. I think he's sneakily becoming a secret fan of UW.

The good news:

"No team will play a Saturday road game followed by a Friday road game in 2018."

The bad news:

"The Hotline took a deep dive into the 2018 schedules — they are ranked below, weakest to strongest — and found that the team with seemingly the best chance to reach the College Football Playoff has been dealt a dastardly assignment that doesn’t exist for playoff contenders in other conferences.

Why in the world is Washington playing two conference road games in a row, with the back end being a trip to Oregon and the Ducks coming off a bye.

In the Hotline’s humble opinion, that qualifies as a competitive disadvantage.

For UW fans, the situation might feel alarmingly familiar. One of UW’s two losses last season came in Tempe, with Arizona State coming off a bye.

In that case, at least, the Huskies had been at home the previous week. This time, they’re on the road: Washington visits UCLA on Oct. 6, then plays in Eugene on Oct. 13.

The Ducks will have been off for 13 days.

(It’s the same mid-October weekend as UW’s loss in Tempe, which might make Husky fans even more anxious.)"

His final thought:

"The Hotline reviewed the schedules for the top teams in the other Power Fives and found that none of them — not Alabama or Georgia or LSU, not Ohio State or Michigan or Wisconsin, not Oklahoma or Notre Dame, not Clemson or Florida State — has been assigned consecutive conference road games with the back end against a home team coming off 13 days rest.

There’s a reason the other Power Fives don’t put teams in that position.

Maybe the Pac-12 will get that issue resolved for 2019."


  • dncdnc Posts: 36,688
    Standard Supporter 25000 Comments 250 Answers Fifth Anniversary

    dnc said:

    2001400ex said:

    PAC 12 still hates it when UW is good.


    Might be true,but I don't think this has shit to do with that.

    I don't think the Pac is chintentionally putting UW in a poor scheduling position. I think the Pac is just fucking clueless and doesn't even consider this type of shit. I'd wager the first time they ever considered the "playing on the road against a team coming off a bye" is whenever this article makes it to the conference offices.

    For a conference full of mostly alleged elite academis the Pac12 is stupid as fuck.
    Being good at elite academis is not the same as being good at football.
    Obviously not.

    But all this shit requires is a modicum of critical thinking, something the academi elite should be able to produce/hire/find.
  • BreadBread Posts: 1,791
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    They should just schedule so team coming of bye play another team coming off bye. at least put all the bye weeks in October. They could probably make it so no one has 2 away games in a row rather easily.
  • SwayeSwaye Posts: 24,450
    Swaye's Wigwam Solar Eclipse Donator 10000 Comments 250 Answers
    edited May 11

    This is an area where Tits Cohen needs to start throwing her ample bosom around.

    The schedule is made by mere mortals, not some mysterious schedule God.

    Back in the day, Mike Lude used his considerable influence within the conference to have USC come to Husky Stadium every other November. You hardly ever saw the men of Troy here in September. Check the facts. When the Dawgfather was coaching here, SC didn't come to Husky Stadium in September until the famous All I Saw Was Purple game in 1990.

    We gotta get our AD to start giving out a few titty fucks in the Pac12 offices during the scheduling meetings so dick lickers like Rob Mullens and David Shaw stop getting the schedule exactly the way they want it.

    Loved this entire poast but would have chinned just for "titty fucks."
  • Fuck us if we dont curbstomp the quooks

    You realize Jake Browning is still our? QB.
  • Dennis_DeYoungDennis_DeYoung Posts: 14,387
    10000 Comments 250 Answers Fifth Anniversary Fucktard of the Week Award
    Larry Wilcox grew up in Rawlins, Wyoming, with three siblings and raised by a single parent - his mother. He graduated and then went to the University of Wyoming and studied pre-med and then transferred to Cal State University Northridge in Southern California. His sister was tragically murdered by her husband in front of her mother and their three children and Larry returned home to assist the family. During this time Larry was drafted in the Army but he wanted to be in the best outfit during the Vietnam War and so he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He honorably served thirteen months in Vietnam with five campaign stars and two meritorious promotions. He was discharged as a Sergeant and then went back to school. Wilcox hit the pavement running and began working two to three jobs to make ends meet. He began studying acting and music and soon got a Hollywood agent and landed many commercials and then beat 300 actors to win the co-star role on Lassie in 1970. He then went on to guest star in many popular TV shows from MASH, Love Boat, Police Story, Room 222, The Partridge Family, Hawaii Five-0 and many others. He was subsequently picked to star in CHiPS with co-star Erik Estrada which he did for five years and the show was syndicated in one-hundred foreign countries. During this time Wilcox, a businessman at heart, formed his own production company and began buying scripts and books and making deals with studios and networks. He produced the Death of a Playmate: The Dorothy Stratten Story for MGM and NBC which he believed had many parallels to the death of his sister. He then developed, funded and produced the award winning TV Series, The Ray Bradbury Theater for HBO for five years. Wilcox has a long list of productions and is presently negotiating some very significant projects we all hope to see in the near future.

    Wilcox has been married to Marlene Harmon for over thirty years with three boys and two girls which are all adults now. Wilcox was an avid sportsman and, as he states, "I enjoyed pushing the envelope." He set eight Land Speed Records at the infamous Bonneville Salt Flats, was a race car driver and competed in SCCA events and was a cowboy competitor and member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Wilcox is also a pilot who is known for some crazy rides in his very own military plane with a cockpit. He has flown with the Blue Angels and the Marines as a Celebrity Guest and is famous for asking the military pilot to "let it all hang out" and to try and make him sick.

    Presently (as of April 2016) Wilcox is focused on two arenas: filmmaking and digital distribution tools that he owns and/or participates in. He has been the past national spokesperson for The Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the Red Cross. He was the national celebrity spokesperson for the Vets Save The Flag campaign. He has also been the celebrity filmmaker and spokesperson for Wilcox believes that man was put on this earth to help each other and to perpetuate better offspring than yourself. He said his credits are not about his life.....his credits are his family. His fan site is and he has a Facebook site that he writes a monthly journal to keep in touch with his fans. When asked what advice Wilcox would give to the world he says: "Love and be Loved; and walk tall through the fire and stay in your bubble of personal belief because HE is with you all the way!"
  • creepycougcreepycoug Posts: 7,155
    5000 Comments 250 Answers Fifth Anniversary 500 Awesomes

    We're suffering from sanctions

    Oregon built an indoor practice facility


    Arizona is serious about football

    Ty does it the right way

    The Pac 12 schedule is hard

    Thread closed.

    I'll take Things Kim Likes to Pass Off as Chinsight for $500 Alex.

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