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A Black Hoody for Oregon

AZDuckAZDuck Posts: 14,829
10000 Comments 250 Answers Fifth Anniversary Fucktard of the Week Award

"Eugene is a still a heavily contested place,” said Alexander Reid Ross, a lecturer at Portland State University and author of the book “Against the Fascist Creep.”

“You have these far-right elements among the hippies and the new-agers. Then sometimes they fuse together and we suddenly have this Nazi weed situation."

That a woman enmeshed in Oregon's cannabis industry, in a city celebrated as a liberal bastion, stands accused of associating with white nationalists — including baking cookies in the shape of swastikas to honor Adolf Hitler’s birthday — seems at odds with Eugene’s socially conscious self-image.

Bethany Sherman, listed in state records as managing member and CEO of OG Analytical, said Wednesday she is stepping down from the company she founded in 2013 and plans to sell the lab.

In a lengthy written response to Eugene Antifa's claims that she is associated with white power groups, the Eugene resident denied being a neo-Nazi and said her only "crime is a thought crime."

"I find it extremely disconcerting that it is admired and revered to have 'gay pride,' 'black pride,' 'Asian pride, or pride in any other cultural heritage, but if you have 'white pride' it automatically makes you a Nazi, and you are ostracized, attacked, and lynched by your community," she wrote in a statement issued to The Oregonian/OregonLive. "I admit, I am proud that I am white, and I'm not ashamed of my heritage. And I admit that I have been so conditioned to feel shame about this pride that I discreetly sought community where I could.


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