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  • AZDuck said:

    I like how they have a step before step 1, which is probably the most important step, too.
  • MeekMeek Posts: 4,611
    250 Answers 2500 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Awesomes
    looks like he just bagged Woodby
  • greenbloodgreenblood Posts: 7,075
    5000 Comments 250 Answers Fifth Anniversary 500 Awesomes
    edited December 2017
    Meek said:

    looks like he just bagged Woodby

    That’s impressive considering he has no defensive coordinator or defensive back coach, and offered 6 days before early signing period, and stole him from Ohio State and his home team of USC (all with established coaching staffs) There must have been a lot of Benjamins in that coffee cup...
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