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Rules: Just pick straight up. No spreads, confidence, over/unders etc. It'll be similar to J's (he got this particular thing right).

Picks are due by 08:55 Pacific Saturday. That's 8:55, then 9:55 some Sat. for us Arizonans. I'm not doing any Thu. or Fri. games, even Husky ones.

Just bold the teams you want to pick. Alt names like Oklahomo, Bammer, Lice (Rice), and whOregon are encouraged but not necessary. You know who you're dealing with here.

I'll try to post @ to make it easy to understand who the home team is. For the SEC fake neutral site gaymes, I'll try to post the city they're in, but no promises. I will do SEC games, but it'll be done in a sadistic way. faggy Kim wink ;)

Any other rule I can think of I'll post later. I'll only do one tie breaker game with the final score neccesary at the end of the season.

Week 1:

Maryland @ Texas
Cal @ North Carolina
Michigan vs. Florida (Arlington, TX)
FSU vs. Alabama (Mercedes Dome, Atlanta)
Montana State @ WSU
Texas A&M @ UCLA (Sunday game)



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