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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Take a look around and join the community. Have a topic? Join us and start a thread.

PM to freepurplejdawg1

Message boards full of debauchery and child-like wonder. Founded by Derek Johnson and members of the Husky Half Brain Revolution.

First off, welcome to our message boards. The first thing you'll notice is that you're not in Kansas anymore. We've created a place where people can relax and say what's on their mind without being banned and deleted.

The thing is, we've become a magnet for reprobates, rascals, scoundrels, and the dispossessed. Our best posters are clever and eccentric. Many of them have been banned from every other football message board on the west coast. One military member (AZDuck) calls this place his "Internet Romper Room".

My best advice to you is to lurk awhile and get acclimated before posting. Now, why would I say that? Good question.

If I had a nickel for every naïve soul that wandered onto our boards looking for Pollyanna discussions about the Dawgs, or wanting to find the coldest beer near Husky Stadium, I wouldn't have to solicit donations to keep this shithole afloat. (You can help out by donating here)

Yes indeed, the scene for a newcomer can get ugly quick. Akin to a jolly tourist going for a quick swim in a South American river, only to be devoured by piranhas. As our elder statesman Race Bannon says, "Hardcore Husky is a combination of Lord of the Flies and Full Metal Jacket. If you don't get shanked or kill yourself, you're in!"

Or let's look at a post made by the irreverent poster AllPurpleAllGold.

"The thing is we don't need new posters. We make better posters. One poster here is worth a hundred on

"That's because is a place for random people to hang out and talk Husky football. This is a place to hang out with your friends. And new friends are always welcome. But the sucky ones will get weeded out."

That's why if you have some game and can endure the initial hazing, you'll have a blast here.

Case in point, here is a post from a Utah poster named 89Ute. He described why he hangs out every day on Hardcore Husky.

"For me, there is a hell of a lot of Pac-12 talk here that I love. Case in point, the post today about Tayler Katoa's injury. Anything that happens to another Pac-12 school never makes it to the Utah bubble, here, you guys are all over it.

"For a non-mandatory pay site, the recruiting info blows me away. Shout out to The Season is Over Podcast gentlemen. I'm envious of what these guys do for your team. I find benefits because it's Pac-12 relevant and I'm learning to analyze football like a big boy Pac-12 fan.

"The football talk here is top notch and all the bullshit in between is pretty fucking fun. You can't talk football 24/7. I enjoy fucking around until the next football related story/event drops. That's really what we're doing here.

"Don't try to mainstream this place or try to win over the respect of the athletic department. Those motherfuckers come and go, year in and year out, you don't. Fuck em!

"HardcoreHusky's perceived weakness is it's very strength. Embrace it. There is a hell of a lot of activity here, at least from my perspective.

"I have to act professionally 8-10 hours a day and it's fucking stifling. I spend all day being neutral and non-offensive so I can pay the bills. I love this outlet.

"At work, social gatherings, semi-professional parties, I go hang with the outcast smokers even though I'm not a smoker. That's where the real shit is happening, that's what this place is.

"Every day something here makes me laff. The last place I want to be is some politically correct, soft pussy bullshit-everyone-gets-trophy message bored.

"Keep this bitch going and keep the cunts outta here."

Now then, here are the Hardcore Husky Rules. We don't have many of them, but even Hardcore Husky has some standards.

1. No calls for genocide, etc.
2. No posting of pornographic images or implied sex acts
3. No posting of people's personal Facebook photos and private information. That's flat-out creepy.
4. No posting of premium content from other sites
5. No pretending to be someone you're not (the head coach accounts I've let slide because everyone knows Sonny Dykes Justin Wilcox isn't really posting here while Cal is playing its games.)

We also produce original content for you to enjoy. I write an article every three months or so. A handful of other dedicated posters like the legendary Race Bannon write articles during the football season as well.

Baseman's Disclaimer: This website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation or recommendation for any scantily clad, partially nude, any suggestive broad, or similar offering, nor does it constitute an offer to provide real information regarding, and or related to the University of Washington Football program. The Chincredible button and "5 Reasons Huskies will Win" are the sole property of HH and may not be poasted, broadcast or televised without the expressed written consent of HH. The views, opinions, downvotes and WTF's expressed by TierbsHsotBoobs are solely those of Boobs and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of HH or its poasters. Anything you poast, can, and will be used against you, years later.

I hope you enjoy your time here.

To make a donation and help keep our pirate ship afloat, click here. (Be sure to include your handle to receive your badge and credit)

Or send payment to:
Derek Johnson
PO Box 8298
Port Orchard, WA 98366

Thank you,
Derek Johnson
Author of Husky Football in the Don James Era,
The Husky Hitman, The Dawgs of War
and Bow Down to Willingham


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