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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.

Rapp - My Highest Compliment

@CokeGreaterThanPepsi has expressed his unhealthy love for Rapp Culture. Watching Taylor Rapp finish the 2016 season caused me to feel something in my loins I haven't felt since a young AEB watched his beloved 49ers (not anymore due to the York ownership...fuck the Jed and his Mom and Dad) play the Rams in the 1988-89 NFC Championship game.

In perhaps the greatest play by a Safety, with the 49ers trailing by 3 and the Rams driving, Flipper Anderson breaks free for a sure TD to put the Rams up 10-0. Ronnie closed the gap out of nowhere to break up the play. The 49ers rolled after this play, and Rome called Jim Everett "Crissy Everett" weeks later.


Taylor Rapp #21 is half of Ronnie's #42. Coincidence???? I'm not saying Taylor Rapp is Ronnie Lott, but as Ronnie would say, "the particles are floating around."...and don't fucking twist.


Special thanks to @GrundleStiltzkin for teaching me how to jeff and thanks to @Gladstone for teaching me to PM.


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