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New Glossary of HHB Terms and Catch-Phrases (revised May 2015)

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Given that multiple newcomers have expressed confusion to me about what the regulars here are sometimes talking about, I thought it would be helpful to construct a glossary of terms for reference.
Please feel free to add and amend as needed.

An alleged Husky fan who is obsessed with Oregon. Would like to see Oregon lose as much (or more than) seeing Washington win. The UW equivalent of a Coog.

It's also over-the-top excitement for anything that is currently happening in the program, regardless of what it is. Kick ass pressers, FREE PUB!, incremental progress, best recruiter in the nation, best assistants in the nation, molder of men, five tough questions, no rap music at practice, rap music at practice, finally a coach with discipline, finally players coach, Gilby/Ty/Sark is a breath of fresh air....

____ is your source?
Origin: Some idiot poster
Explanation: The reaction from some idiot poster when this site's founder posted a link to a conservative news site. FoxNews is your source? was the hue and cry. It quickly morphed into a manner to attack anyone posting anything from any site on the innerwebs.

Such fag, J
Origin: Puppylove_Sugarsteel
An expression of disgust toward the poster PurpleJ, which not only expressed disagreement but also brought into question sexual orientation.

Selling the couch
Origin: Kendyl Taylor
An expression stemming from when reserve Husky wide receiver Kendyl Taylor announced on Twitter that he was selling his couch and it had to go within 24 hours. The next day, it was announced he was transferring from UW. This quickly became the preferred manner Hardcore Husky posters announced on the boards that someone had lost their job, moved out, was transferring, or any other significant transition in life. One of the most beloved of HHB expressions.

You never mention the times I'm right
Origin: Kim Grinolds
An expression Kim began using when Dawgman posters began constantly calling him out for faulty information or inaccurate predictions. Often mimicked on the HH boards.

I know you're being sarcastic, but____
Origin: He_Needs_More_Time aka Cockus
Came from the banned poster "He_Needs_More_Time" (which the HH community soon changed to "He_Needs_More_Cock" and finally shortened to "Cockus").
When a poster made a painfully obvious sarcastic comment, Cockus refuted it by stating "I know you're being sarcastic but..." and then proceeded to write 14 paragraphs arguing against the point.

It's getting to be like Revenge of the Nerds around here
Origin: Puppylove_Sugarsteel
This was PLSS's exasperation at all the weirdness and wackiness he saw taking place on the Hardcore Husky boards one afternoon.

Hey Derek! Close the fucking gates!
Origin: Puppylove_Sugarsteel
This was PLSS decrying to this site's founder Derek Jonson that Hardcore Husky should become a closed society.

It's sad to see how far Derek Johnson has fallen
Origin: Kim Grinolds
After some anonymous person sent disturbing pornographic images to the inboxes of some Dawgman subscribers, Kim publicly blamed it on Derek for him somehow having organized the offensive spamming. He capped off his comments by saying "It's sad to see how far Derek Johnson has fallen."

You mean like the Oregon State game?
Origin: Kim Grinolds
This was Kim's counter argument to anyone on Dawgman criticizing former UW coach Steve Sarkisian on anything. Given that UW destroyed OSU in November 2013, this lone victory was evidence enough in Kim's mind that any other possible criticism should be shot down and posters should be banned or given time outs. Has become a much-parroted and beloved expression on Hardcore Husky.

Origin: Scott Eklund
Explanation: During the post-Willingham coaching search, Dawgman shamelessly had photos of Jim Mora on their coach search primer. As many HHBs and a good deal of Husky fans were interested in seeing the one-time Don James student return to Husky Stadium to roam the sidelines, Dawgman was hearing that Mora was increasingly likely to be the next coach. When pressed to give the chance of Mora being the guy, Eklund replied: "81%"

But how is Mark Emmert a bad president?
Origin: Race Bannon (?)
When a large segment of Husky nation was defiantly defending Mark Emmert even in the face of growing evidence to the contrary, HHBs would cite his colossal mistakes and innocently ask "But how is he a bad president?" One of the more popular HHB expressions with various applications to many other people and situations.

What I'm hearing...
Origin: Kim Grinolds /
Explanation: Always the manner in which Grinolds trumpets "inside information" to his subscribers. Over time, this became a source of ridicule because of the astonishingly high degree of inaccuracy of his information.

Awfully warm for February
Origin: Kim Grinolds
Explanation: Used as a means to belittle anyone trying to criticize Steve Sarkisian's recruiting throughout the year.

I haven't moved!!
Origin: Race Bannon and the Husky Half Brain Podcast
Explanation: During times of notoriously bad phone reception, Race would shout this at co-host iDawg. This eventually led to jokes about iDawg operating with a 24k modem and Race owning an oversized Yugoslavian phone from the 1970s.

It was funny the first 23 times.. Now, not so much...
Origin: Kim Grinolds and Mike Damone
Explanation: Kim Grinolds' means of telling Mike Damone that his repetitive jokes were wearing thin

If you want to gloat now about how wrong it all was - fantastic. Knock yourself out.... But if you're saying he just made stuff up - you're wrong... I'll take criticism all day long, but when posters out here say we're just making stuff up............well, they're just making stuff up... Man, I wonder how long people have been here. If you can't handle the rumor mill, my suggestion is to get off the internet.
Origin: Kim Grinolds
Garden variety and oft-used expressions for when losing an argument on Dawgman.

Origin: Mike Damone (RIP)
This was Mike Damone's sarcastic battle cry when Steve Sarkisian was hired as UW's coach, but then headed back down to USC for another month so he could call plays in the Rose Bowl. This was what led Damone to be banned from

Popping off
Origin: Washington-Oregon rivalry
Explanation: As Oregon passed Washington in football status, Husky fans could always rely on telling Duck fans to "go win a Rose Bowl then pop off." Over time, this morphed into millions of different interchangeable uses.

Belly laughs in the media room
Origin: Ruth Robbins
Explanation: During the heyday of the original Husky Half Brains site, Ruth Robbins of RealDawg became a regular for several weeks. As a means of belittling the HHB crowd, she spoke of some aspect of HHB being a subject of big belly laughs in the media room.

You think you know, but you don't
Origin: Ruth Robbins
Explanation: As Half Brains would get into debates with Ruth, she would counter by telling them their sources were no good.

I have all the screenshots I need
Origin: Ruth Robbins
Explanation: As Ruth made her departure from the HHB boards, her parting shot was to taunt the crowd by saying "I have all the screen shots I need." One of the most beloved HHBisms of all time.

If A happens it'll be interesting, but if B happens it'll also be interesting
Origin: Kim Grinolds
Explanation: After telling his subscribers for two years that his sources were indicating that the NCAA would drop the hammer on Oregon, the Ducks escaped with barely a slap on the wrist. As the HHB crowd began crowing about this catastrophically embarrassing "What I'm hearing" gone awry, Grinolds began amending his posts and hedging his bets when giving out subsequent new inside info.

If you want to be critical about (fill in the blank) that's fine, but if you're going to be negative, you're gone
Origin: Kim Grinolds
Explanation: Grinolds' illogical means of trying to sound like free speech was allowed on his message boards, when in reality they weren't

Hot Blonde Oregon Intern
Origin: Kim Grinolds
Explanation: One of Grinolds' sources he met at the VMAC that gave him inside information about the NCAA's imminent decision to drop the hammer on Oregon

If you like your (Fill in the blank), you can keep it
Origin: President Barack Obama
Explanation: Obama infamously and falsely promised,"If you like your current insurance plan, you can keep it." This has morphed into many Half Brain uses. A particular favorite of Race Bannon.

Meet me at the 7-11 on Aurora in the U-District
Origin: The_Glove and a couple other douchebags from The Pit, probably Sven and RavennaDawg
Explanation: A non-existent location for internet tuff guys to meet for fist fights and brawling

Origin: brents (RIP)
Explanation: A common refrain from the late dawgman poster brents, directed toward anyone saying something critical of someone else on the interwebs

Oldies but goodies:
It's what I like to do
Tierbs Hsot Boobs
Playing in (fill in the blank) is always special
Incremental progress
Grossly inappropriate
Playing with House Money
Lewis County Hairdressers
Walking past Butler Cabin in the moonlight
Not a traditional sellout
Roaming the sidelines
Stan Emptermann
We didn't want him anyway
I'm going to get in trouble today
Concerns about altitude
Classy poast
Race Bannon has done it again!!
Sexual tension at end of podcast

Origin: Bondawg
Originally was posted in a sincere expression of confidence that Washington would beat Oregon in 2008. Quickly morphed into usage for any game, sport and team under the sun. Has achieved legendary troll status. Mike Damone (RIP) gets most of the credit for this. Note: List is always incomplete with mentioning Ben Ossai as part of the offensive line.

"1. Keith Price - He is the best player on the field, enough said on that. He has three years under his belt and he will do everything possible to win the game.

2. Offensive Line - We average a weight of 332 lbs across the line, they are ready to dominate the line of scrimmage. Hatchie, Brostek, Dolbec, Ikehara, Schaefer, White-Frisbee, etc. These boys have the attitude and are ready to rumble.

3. Wilcox - New Defensive Scheme and a new attitude. Every player has spoke out about the difference between Holt and Wilcox, we will see a much improved defense on 9/1.

4. Speed, Speed, Speed - This is the fastest our team has been in a long time. Doeontae Cooper, Connor Cree, Cooper Pelluer, Kavario Middleton, Will Chandler, etc. The newbies will be inexperienced but will bring something that we haven't had in past seasons, speed.

5. Time of Possession - I think we can dominate the time of possession stat. The more we can shorten the game and keep our defense off of the field, the better chance we have to win the game.

I think UW wins rather easily...say 34-17?"

Beloved replies from Puppylove_Sugarsteel

Target: Unknown
In other words find the thread where this belongs. Or just try posting something original instead of plagiarism my shit fucko. This is precisely why this is the first response you've had in 8 months you bearded cunt ya

Target: Cockus
Listen shit dick, the only obsession going on around here is you and this site. Most guys post here and there, you post here in scary fashion. Gives u a reason to pound after a day at the HHB office. You see your post total and scream up to your dads with pride. "Dad I'm up to 15,243", while your partner cries with happiness.


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