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How 85,000 ‘Unaccompanied Minors’ Went Missing After Biden Gave Them to Sponsors

EverettChrisEverettChris Member Posts: 2,677
edited July 11 in Tug Tavern

Far, far Leftists (except for wars, they love wars now but won’t enlist to fight) such as @CallMeBigErn would rather call posters names than actually addressing the failed immigration policies of Biden. How many of these children are dead? How many are sex slaves? Ern doesn’t care, just stop it guise you meanie racists!

Retard. Debate the claims being made. Or, is that too “in the weeds” for your superior intellect?

Whistleblowers assigned to process minors near the border said that children were being placed with people who clearly were not their relatives and when there was evidence of abuse and trafficking.

One whistleblower, assigned to process minors near the border, said that after a group alerted supervisors to the fact that children were being placed with people who clearly were not their relatives and that there was evidence of sadistic abuse, the Biden administration’s DHS Office of Refugee Resettlement took her off the job and retaliated against her, instead of acting on the facts they had uncovered.

The Biden administration apparently shoveled children out to the homes of poorly-vetted volunteers as fast as it could to avoid holding them in secure facilities — Joe Biden had painted those as his rival Donald Trump putting “kids in cages,” and wanted to avoid those optics at all costs, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said.

But Biden’s alternative, as detailed by government employees tasked with personally interacting with those children, was far less humane — 500,000 children were flown or bussed to the homes of people who were sometimes strangers. The Biden administration loosened rules on background checks. DHS’s oversight amounted to a single phone call to the children 30 days later. By that time, many of the children could not be reached — they were simply missing.


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