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The msm is so bad

BendintheriverBendintheriver Member Posts: 5,636

The NYT is a complete joke. Not a shell of their former selves. They are now fact checking biden, which we know for fact they have never done before in a biden debate or speech.

They are worried so now they have turned on him. They had no problem until he was exposed during the debates. They knew the state biden was in, we all knew, but now they are trying to ram rod the guy out of office because they are a bunch of disloyal democrats.

Never trust a rat.

The Times Turns on a Dime

Determined to help force President Biden out of the race, the Paper of Record suddenly applies withering scrutiny to his every word.

To measure the terror now gripping the mainstream media in the wake of the Biden–Trump debate, consider this: the New York Times is now fact-checking Joe Biden in favor of Donald Trump.

Monday’s print edition of the Times contains an article titled “In ABC Interview, Exaggerations about Polling and Trump.” The article applies a level of scrutiny to Biden’s Friday interview with ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos that is nearly unprecedented toward a Democratic candidate.

The Times now quotes Biden verbatim, with the clear intention of putting his verbal shuffles on full display:

Biden: “After that debate, . . . I did events in—in—in Georgia, did events like this today, large crowds, overwhelming response, no—no—no slipping.”

So remorseless is the Times toward Biden’s speech stumbles that it even records a missing syllable:

“The New York Times had me behind before anything having to do with this race—had me hind—behind 10 points.”



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