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Conservative students are more educated and prepared

BendintheriverBendintheriver Member Posts: 5,636

Interesting article. I assumed as much from just observing my own kids and their friends during and after college. Rat students are ignorant because they are uninquisitive when it comes to looking at different perspectives. They are also unprepared for the real world where there are differing opinions everywhere you look.

It basically explains how liberals get so racist and bigoted. The ones who go into the public sector from college never change. They are racist and bigoted to the bone. You can't survive in most of the private sector exhibiting ignorance and bigotry.

Fascinating article.

How Liberal College Campuses Benefit Conservative Students

Conservative students, rather than being coddled, face significant intellectual and social challenges in college. These challenges impart educational advantages by forcing conservatives to defend their points of view. Liberal students, surrounded by like-minded peers and mentors, have less opportunity to grow in this way.

At Princeton University, where I have taught political science for seven years, conservative students make up just 12 percent of undergraduates. Throughout college, they hear alternative perspectives and hone their own arguments, anticipating opposition. In research for a book in progress—Tested: Why Conservative Students Get the Most Out of Liberal Education—I conducted dozens of in-depth interviews with students at Princeton and other competitive schools. Of the 28 conservatives I’ve spoken with so far, more than 90 percent report attending events featuring speakers with whom they disagree, compared with less than half of the 15 liberals I’ve interviewed. Nearly all of the conservatives said that they’ve been challenged by professors or other students in classroom discussions, but just two of the liberals said the same. These reports echo national surveys, which find that conservative students are more open to speakers of any ideological bent than are liberal students, who tend to support only speakers they agree with.



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