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It's getting better by the day

UW_Doog_BotUW_Doog_Bot Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 14,815 Swaye's Wigwam

Watching the media turn on Biden.

Watching Biden use the precedent that the media already helped set(no questions no interviews) against the media.

Watching Kamalas camp leak to the media which will continue to hurt the dems overall.

Watching the DNC scramble to try to figure out how to get the DEI hire out of the way because she polls even worse.

Watching down ballot dems start to turn on the machine to try and survive the sinking ship.

Watching apparatchiks like @MelloDawg struggle to keep up with the talking points and spewing stuff from last week's memos.

Watching @HHusky have a full meltdown gnashing of teeth and all at the end of "his democracy".

Watching @HuskyBuck try to somehow defend all of this while "not being a partisan hack" in further and further self humiliating manner.

Watching @CallMeBigErn spiral into full BluAnnon alcoholism.

And knowing that @BearsWiin is still out there pathetically lurking because he's still butthurt.

It's all *almost good enough to make the final score irrelevant. Regardless, buckleup, this dumpster fire is just getting started. "Only God can remove me!"



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