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Some changes coming to the site

DerekJohnsonDerekJohnson Administrator, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 60,894 Founders Club

Okay guys we're going to have some changes coming to the site in the coming days. We're looking to get this tested and set before Huskies training camp arrives in August. The site will function pretty much the same but is going to have a slightly different look to it. I'm keenly aware that many of you do not like change and probably won't like it at first but you'll adjust and soon it will become the new normal.

General site performance is the main reason for what we're doing. In the last couple of years, Vanilla has made a really big shift in how the platform is being developed - specifically moving to React for the front-end stuff. It's a lot faster and gives Vanilla's product team the ability to build out very custom sites with minimal coding knowledge. 
The legacy theme used by Hardcore Husky was built using the older codebase, and not many things developed by the team will function on that codebase anymore. (We saw this in February when we suddenly lost the ability to quote posts in the manner/style that we've done for the past 12 years). This includes a lot of the general performance enhancing updates that are pushed out which prevents the annoying page-jumping behavior we've experienced lately from occurring on other sites.

One stylistic thing I'm not fond of is that category avatars are smaller than I want. Vanilla says they are not able to make them bigger right now but that is something that will be addressed.

Like I said, we're looking to get this squared away in time for fall camp in August.

Thank you and if you have any complaints or PTSD issues with this please direct your comments to @CFetters_Nacho_Lover





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