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Trade Package for Luis Robert Jr.

HFNYHFNY Member Posts: 4,554 Standard Supporter

Would Colt Emerson, Jonny Framelo, Clase, and Dom Canzone get it done?

The White Sox farm system is pitching heavy while they lack OF prospects. Roberts could then platoon with Haniger in RF and also DH to keep him healthy. Canzone still has upside but needs more ABs.


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    Fishpo31Fishpo31 Member Posts: 2,318

    I would take that with their best bullpen arm. Two top-tier prospects with a big-league bat, and Clase on the cusp is steep for a platoon-type bat…don’t get me wrong, they need Robert ( or similar), but I’d like an arm with him…

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    HFNYHFNY Member Posts: 4,554 Standard Supporter

    With Woo potentially going on the IL again, another arm would be nice.

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    chuckchuck Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 10,766 Swaye's Wigwam

    Id do everything in my power to not include Emerson, Celestin or Farmelo. I think I'd rather trade Ford and Young if two of the top tier guys are required. Better yet, I'd rather only trade one from the top 5ish and try to lure them with bulk...Peete, Smith, Clase and Montez are guys id be willing to include in a bulk package. I'd also be willing move Locklear.

    I also feel like a good bullpen arm is nearly as important right now as a bat.

    Walker and Sewald from Zona are my guys. I wonder if they'd take France as part of a deal.

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