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I know you weren't surprised

BendintheriverBendintheriver Member Posts: 5,293
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They hired McDaniel then the lowest of the low got her fired immediately. We all knew that nbc and msnbc were that far left and filled with hatred for anyone who doesn't think like them, but now the talking heads are running things which is bizarre and completely unhealthy for any journalistic endeavor.

The left is just so filled with hate. They have never learned from their catastrophic and inhumane past. They just continue it, over and over again.

The following is interesting because the woman writing the piece was a life long dem who finally was exhausted by the all consuming dishonesty and hatred by the left.

Ronna McDaniel Wouldn't Deliver Enough Hate for MSNBC

If the hate goes, so do the viewers...

A chill went down my spine in 2020 when I realized what I’d been participating in for the four years Trump was in power. I didn’t go along with all of it. I defended Melania Trump when Twitter slut-shamed her. I defended Sarah Huckabee Sanders when the Good People of the Left mocked her makeup. But I went along with enough that, at some point, I overdosed on hate.

I always thought we were the good guys and that we didn’t engage in bullying, harassment, abuse, and dehumanizing. Don’t the lawn signs count for anything? Hate has no harbor here? No human being is illegal? Practice kindness?

I was the kind of person who woke up with NPR and spent the afternoon with Terry Gross and Fresh Air, then All Things Considered in the afternoon. I read the New York Times at least once a day. It made me feel smart and well-informed.

Rachel Maddow was the salve to our wounds. She gave us the real story on Trump, the Russian stooge who had been co-opted by Vladimir Putin and was now in the White House. Every night, it was another sordid tale of dossiers, prostitutes, golden showers, and spies.

It was all so lurid, and we were so newly puritanical. We hadn’t lost our minds with Me Too yet, but suddenly, we were very offended by womanizing men who did very bad things while they were married, I mean, except Bill Clinton of course.

Maddow didn’t pull from the usual headlines. She always had a deeper take, an opening monologue that was fascinating. We were all hooked, watching our Trump show every night. It was unpredictable. It was dramatic. It was impossible to look away.

I bought the Russia lie hook, line, and sinker. I read every book on Putin. I was glued to the Mueller hearings. I was convinced a “far-right fascist” was now in charge of the United States. We were all one movement by then, the #resistance. The Trump hate was like a thick fog that blanketed our utopia. It seeped into everything, from the Oscars to late-night comedy, advertising, music, and social media.

Our collective hatred was just something we all lived with. He was a force of evil, and nothing would be right in our world until he was gone.

But then came 2020, the year everything changed. It especially changed for me. By the end of it, I would have to force myself to vote for Joe Biden because every instinct I had was telling me I should vote for Trump. Biden was the wrong choice, and there was danger ahead. Trump wasn’t perfect, but he was taking a brave stand against the rising fanaticism on the Left.

Finding my way out of the bubble of the Left wasn’t easy. I only did it out of sheer desperation. The hatred I was seeing on my side got to me. I had to find my way out and try to understand what was really going on. Were they really that evil? Were they racists?

I especially couldn’t go along with the mandated hatred and dehumanization of Trump and MAGA. Yet, once I began humanizing them, treating them like people, and interacting with them on social media, I became a pariah, too. That thick fog of hatred was what tied us all together. If the fog lifted for one of us, we were shut out.


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    WestlinnDuckWestlinnDuck Member Posts: 13,845
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    And in spite of this, leftards from the bottom like buck and the dazzler to the supposed top like the dem Congressional leadership and the dem "elite" in the MSM continue to lie and be lied to. Open borders? No, that's a lie. Oh, and if isn't a lie, it's Trumps fault that we don't just grant tens of millions of illegals amnesty and then we don't have an illegal problem. Neither buck or the dazzler, let alone mello will have a policy discussion on the big issues it's just total hive mentality. On the so-called right here on the Tug there is a vigorous difference on abortion and the Ukraine. When I read about a journey from mental illness to sanity from a leftard, like this woman or the playwright/movie director David Mamet I wonder how mentally broken you have to be to refuse ANY intellectual introspection to reject the lies of the left.

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