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You know how to Moon Walk?

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As everyone but delusional goose stepping little people rats knew, reparations is nothing but a elitist liberal gifuckinggantic virtue signal. Rat elites wanted to look good for for 20 & 22 and the fake hate crimes were getting old so fake reparations were put on the table and put into action.

Well guess what? No American wants to pay for this and no one with a brain believes anyone deserves free money for things that happened 400 years ago with an end 160 years ago. Bad life decisions by any American do not constitute action on my part. The entire world has had their share of slavery since the begging of time, there is not one of us on this planet that have not had ancestral slavery.

Now we get to sit back and watch, with glee and total enjoyment, as the elitist rat leadership tries to extricate themselves from the promises they made the black community. We knew that San Fran, Boston, MN would never afford billions of free money to a bunch of people who never even knew a slave and clearly have zero idea whether there ever was a slave in their family tree.

Enjoy the show, it promises to be entertaining.

People are not satisfied with the San Francisco city government’s progress in providing reparations to descendants of African Americans who have suffered historical discrimination, according to a new report.

Although a city government panel proposed monetary reparations for eligible Black residents last year – with some potentially receiving $5 million, "So far, all they’ve received is an apology," The Washington Post reported.

The Post detailed how the city has had to cut funding for the project, and that people are growing frustrated over the lack of progress on reparations. 


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