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UW was 2 plays away from possibly winning a national title

PostGameOrangeSlicesPostGameOrangeSlices Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 24,496
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The Nixon drop, and the questionable at best holding call on Rosengarten negating the 50 yard Rome bomb into Red Zone territory, down 7 halfway through the fourth.

Those plays were the game.

Damn, this forum got fucking close to the goal. We? almost did it.

Onward we march.



  • TequillaTequilla Member Posts: 19,813
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    This is one of your better posts

    On one hand, being present vs Michigan highlighted some of the roster flaws that were present

    On the other hand, we also saw what was possible when you have a Day 1 QB with EXPERIENCE and 3 WRs that will all play in the league with 1 a Top 10 pick

    If you compare the feelings after 2016 and “how close” to what 2023 was … it’s night and day different

    A lot went right in 2023 … there were some sizable gaps that we need to learn from going forward

  • HairyBallsDawgHairyBallsDawg Member Posts: 998
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    Plus DeBitch was thinking about the Bama job instead of giving 100% attention to the game.

    We should just claim the Natty.

  • haiehaie Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 20,409
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    Swaye's Wigwam

    When you go 14-0 and win 3 games over top 6 teams and whatever that number was over top 10/16 teams, your roster wasn't the problem.

    TCU lost to fucking KANSAS STATE in their conference title.

    Washington played their worst game of the year, maybe 1a/1b to Arizona State where rain was a major factor. A bunch of turnovers and dropped passes that Michigan didn't force.

  • AOGAOG Member Posts: 1,464
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  • PurpleJPurpleJ Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 36,439
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    Michigan was 2-3 plays away from plunger raping us in front of the whole nation. No, I can't count to the specific plays because I was drunk but this is probably true.

  • PostGameOrangeSlicesPostGameOrangeSlices Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 24,496
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    The defense shit their pants and then played out of their minds for 40 minutes of clock straight.

    Another missed opportunity - Penix to McMillan on 3rd down that forced us to settle for a field goal instead of tying the game. Not an accurate throw

  • YellowSnowYellowSnow Moderator, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 33,823
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    Swaye's Wigwam

    I hope all the buttholes that ruined college football are happy with themselves. Let's have a school be a few plays away from having a shot at a Natty (or not) to being 6-6 the following year. Great way to keep the fans invested.

  • QuietcowskeeQuietcowskee Member Posts: 3,079
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    I might have a to actually rewatch that game some time because of you fuckers🤔🤔

  • WoolleyDoogWoolleyDoog Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 2,455
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    edited April 3

    I've spent too much time griping about this game on here but will still take any open door to do so. I know I'm watching replays with Doog (albeit negadoog) colored glasses, but it really feels like there were 10-15 (if not more) what if? plays for UW that almost happened where Michigan hit like 10/15 of their what if? plays. I can bitch again about new shit I've seen like Muhammad committing to do a dramatic rejection slap of a McCarthy duck instead of going for a pick six , but I still think with how limited our defense was and a broken RB we needed Penix to be damn near perfect to beat a Texas or Michigan and he wasn't, and was actually pretty bad. Every rewatch I'm reminded more how well Odunze and the WRs and TEs were doing.

    Michigan had a deeper roster, especially on defense, even though they didn't have as much top end talent and the way the game played out really played into that. Michigan's offense legit did nothing for what almost three full quarters and only did something late when they got away with a hold which prevented a likely massive sack by ZTF. Fuck the wefs forever.

  • RaceBannonRaceBannon Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 101,057
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    Swaye's Wigwam

    Ty Willingham and his three plays will change the game is enjoying this

    TBF Ty usually lost by 50 which is what made it funny

    I have not watched a replay and probably won't. Lot of what ifs that added up to a loss

  • TequillaTequilla Member Posts: 19,813
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    You'd be better suited to be an Oregon fan with your pond scum social skills

    I never said a single thing about TCU in my initial post … why you are referencing them here just highlights how much of a bitch you are

    If you can't understand where UW had weaknesses in its roster last year and how it impacted their ability to win that last game then you're just further proving the idiot that you are

  • TequillaTequilla Member Posts: 19,813
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    If Sugar Bowl Penix showed up in Houston, then there would be a decent chance that UW won a Natty … but he didn't

    IF that is the margin of error that you're comfortable with then that's fine … I would suggest that there's some lessons to learn from it

    The T's were good enough the entire season but Roger struggled a bit at times against Michigan. The interior G's were probably above average overall but struggled against some of Michigan's interior DL rotation. Your run game largely comes from the interior OL and against Texas and Michigan the ability to run the ball wasn't really there.

    Dillon's injury issues and the lack of (trusted) depth behind him was a critical gap in providing a balanced offense … that really shouldn't happen at a place like UW

    The interior of the DL was largely full of JAGs and that got exposed against both Texas and Michigan … depth was also an issue and Michigan's ability to rotate guys in/out that will all largely be rotational players (at worse) in the NFL takes its toll after a while

    LB play on the whole was probably better than expected last season but I'd argue that UW's LBs were more specialist in nature instead of having any real 3 down difference makers … there were enough games where the D struggled with the run to say that it was an elite group

    Yes, in the game vs Michigan the D did a good job of adjusting and getting stops for 2+ quarters … I think it's also important to keep in mind though that with the way the game was going that Michigan didn't need to step out of its shell and try to do too much. In a similar sense of UW playing Alabama, it became fairly clear with the way the game was unfolding that UW was going to need an easy score to be able to get over the hump and the opposition managed the game that way

    I could go into a couple of other points but this will suffice for now

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