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Kelenic hitting .067 at this point

TheRoarOfTheCrowdTheRoarOfTheCrowd Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 1,560
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This is a loaded team he is on and obviously the mental pressure is huge right now for him ~ I’m personally happy he was traded in order to dump salary with 2 other miserable contracts, because with the mariners he was a bum trip in the club house until he pulled himself together during the first half last year and i had the feeling that he was going to be up and down with mechanical issues and maturity problems as long as he was on the mariners.

With the dominance of the talent around him he has a chance initially to make a secondary contribution and grow as a team member if he can reduce the pressure on himself and develop some composure while continuing to work on laying off junk off speed pitches and tighten up his pitch selection. His upside is that he hits fastballs at an all star level, of course opposing pitchers know that so he is pitched accordingly. Hope he makes it and fulfills his promise ~ will be interesting to follow his trajectory.


  • chuckchuck Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 10,601
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    Ill lament the Kelenic trade the day he completes a full, or even a half, of a season hitting at a high or even acceptable level. Until then it was a winning trade that unloaded two albatross contracts that hindered roster changes.

    As far as his spring #s go...I hope they're meaningless. Last I saw his replacement was hitting .047 or something like that.

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