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Most Iconic Mountain in WA

huskyhooliganhuskyhooligan Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 5,062
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Swaye's Wigwam


The big guy! Inspired and named so many things. Causes inferiority complex for citizens of Oregon.


Shorter little more stubby, often confused as Rainier from Western Washington road trippers. The pride of Goldendale and Yakima.

Mt. Baker - The White Lady of the North.

Mt. Stuart -

6th Highest and crown jewel of Central WA. Bastion of the enchantments, and monarch of Ellensburg. Its the big mountain you see looking to the north from Ellensburg and along I90.

Mt. Shuksan - Possibly one of the most photographed, yet unknown mountains in the US. I've seen it used in Colorado, passed off as a CO mountain. No other mountain other than Rainier has probably been featured in more calendars.

St. Helens - Angry beautiful bitch who despite losing 1500 feet, still dominates its neighbors. Pretty good case study about why shaving makes things look even bigger. Worst part of the 1980 eruption is that prevailing winds weren't northerly, burying the cesspool of duck fans to the south.

Mt. Constance - Tallest of the Olympics visible from Seattle. Debatable if its more stunning than The Brothers. Probably confused for Mt. Olympus by retards who can't read a map.

Liberty Bell / Early Winter Spires - Icons of Washington Pass and one of the more epic view points in the state. Was used in quite a few WA tourism publications. I'm kind of partial to nearby jagged peak of Silver Star Mountain.

White Horse Mountain - This won a coin flip with nearby and just as impressive Three Fingers. WH and TF are the most visible and prominent Cascade Mtns in the North Sound. I gave the nod to White Horse as its a behemoth you can get close too, and was also used as the background when a young David Lightman (Matthew Broderick) calls after escaping NORAD in the 'Rocky Mountains'. White Horse is the number one reason I'd move to Darrington. There are pocket glimpses of bigger and possibly more impressive mountains in the area (Pugh, Glacier, Three Fingers) but White Horse's proximity dominates the skyline.

Bonus Pic: Glacier framed by White Horse and White Chuck from Mt. Erie.

Bonus Pic: White Horse, Three Fingers and Pilchuck from Magnusson Park.

The Brothers - The other very distinctive Olympic Mountain from Puget Sound. Nothing like cresting a hill in Seattle in the morning heading west and sun hitting this bad boy just right.

Honorable Mentions:

Glacier Peak - 4th highest but most people don't even realize its there. Not a lot of great views of it outside of Everett and Lake Cavanaugh of all places. Shorter but high peaks nearby obstruct its view. Easy to spot if you know what you're looking for.

Index / Persis: Very visible from Hwy 2 and Seattle. Northern higher peaks before the peaks get higher.

Mt. Baring: From Everett it really sticks out and was at one point referred to as Mt. Index, as honestly, it looks more like a finger than index does. From highway 2 its not impressive, but the simple and beginner hike to Barclay Lake offers great views of the north, almost shear cliff wall of stone. A popular place for base jumpers.

Olympus: High point of the Olympics but not a lot of great perspectives out there, even from places like Hurricane Ridge, a direct view is tough.

Olympus from Elinor

Most Iconic Mountain in WA 25 votes

Mt. Rainier
CFetters_Nacho_LoverwhlinderMad_SonPurpleJdfleabiak1Purple_PillshuskyhooliganYellowSnowCallMeBigErnBleachedAnusDawgJoeEDangerouslybooker14hopelessTheRoarOfTheCrowdCrispyEaterson 16 votes
Mt. Adams
YouKnowIt 1 vote
Mt. Baker
Mt. Stuart
DerekJohnson 1 vote
Mt. Shuksan
Mt. St. Helens
chuckhaiepawzLebamDawg1to392831weretaken 5 votes
Mt. Constance
jarlsbergraygun 1 vote
Liberty Bell / Early Winter Spires
White Horse Mountain
dannarc 1 vote
The Brothers


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