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Worst Coaches of the Pac-12 Era

WoolleyDoogWoolleyDoog Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 2,890 Swaye's Wigwam
  1. Jimmy Lake Washington 2020-21 (real bad) - Jimmy's record is bad enough and it's scary to think how bad things would have gotten had they not fired him. The whole nucleus of the past two seasons assuredly transfers after 2021. Throw in that the program was gonna face a rebuilding year in 2024 even if DB didn't leave because of how horribly Lake recruited.
  2. Gary Anderson Oregon State 2015-17 (7-23 3-18) - Forgot how fucking bad this guy was and he had the bad shit of quitting on the program and acting strange.
  3. Jon Embree Colorado 2011-12 (4-21 3-15) - Put together some of the worst teams I've ever seen and was so hopeless even Colorado fired him after just two years.
  4. Kevin Sumlin Arizona 2018-20 (9-20 6-17) - I'm guessing guy had some personal demons which cranked up as time went on because he was so much worse at Arizona than he was at A&M.
  5. Karl Dorrell Colorado 2020-22 (8-15 6-9) - I seriously kind of forgot he coached there.
  6. Clay Helton USC 2015-21 (45-24 36-13) - Sure this guy won a Rose Bowl and a conference championship. That just shows how easy it can be to win at USC, especially since Kiffin and Sark actually recruited well before he took over.
  7. Steve Sarkisian Washington & USC 2011-15 (36-22 22-17) - He was fine at Washington. This has a lot to do with also bombing so bad at USC he had to quit early in a season.
  8. Lane Kiffin USC 2011-13 (20-10 12-8) - I like what he's doing at Ole Miss. Doesn't mean he didn't fail at USC, even acknowledging he had to deal with the sanction limitations there.
  9. Rick Neuheisel UCLA 2011 - It's hard at this point because then you're considering coaches like Sonny Dykes and Mike MacIntyre who had their struggles but I think are good coaches in bad situations. So here I'll call out how shockingly bad Neuheisel's run at UCLA was.
  10. Kenny Dillingham Arizona State 2023- - He sucked this year and I'm mostly just putting him here because of his embarrassing cuck fluffing and cheering of Oregon at the end of the season.

Others who were considered but ultimately not chosen - Sonny Dykes Cal, Mike MacIntyre Colorado, Coach Prime Colorado, Mark Helfrich Oregon, Dennis Erickson Arizona State


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    Pitchfork51Pitchfork51 Member Posts: 26,799

    Todd graham for his fucking haircut

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    haiehaie Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 20,902 Swaye's Wigwam

    Most of those coaches sucked and it got embarrassing because of their schools, but Helton feels like he deserves the crown by fucking it up at USC so badly that Stanford, Oregon, and Utah had to carry the conference banner enough times to where they needed to kill the conference.

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    WoolleyDoogWoolleyDoog Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 2,890 Swaye's Wigwam

    You could easily make a case for Helton being number one. He also recruited like shit at the end and it's why USC has actually lacked talent at spots the past couple seasons and had to completely rely on the transfer portal.

    The Colorado guys have a tough job so cut them some slack. Jimmy thankfully got cut out or it's scary how bad it could have gotten and his putrid recruiting at a time when the program was super healthy is unforgivable.

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