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Worst Teams of the Pac-12 Era

WoolleyDoogWoolleyDoog Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 2,455
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Swaye's Wigwam

Good news! No Husky teams made it, not even Jimmy's 2021 abomination.

  1. 2012 Colorado (1-11 1-8) - I thought 2022 was gonna take this spot but this team easily took it. Lost to a 6-5 Sacramento State team, lost to 4-8 Colorado State, lost by 55 to Fresno State and got blown out by every Pac-12 team except the Coug who they somehow beat in Pullman and one other.
  2. 2022 Colorado (1-11 1-8) - The worst Pac-12 team I've ever seen in-person. No idea how a Cal team which played UW tough lost to them.
  3. 2020 Arizona (0-5) - I've avoided considering the Covid season for almost anything this team was just so fucking bad I can't not include them.
  4. 2017 Oregon State (1-11 0-9) - Only win was over an 0-11 Portland State team by 3. Holy shit. Crazy thing is they had Stanford beat, which would have put UW into the conference championship game and fumbled running out the clock.
  5. 2015 Oregon State (2-10 0-9) - I forgot how terrible Oregon State was at this time. This team was barely competitive in-conference and only beat Weber State and San Jose State.
  6. 2013 Cal (1-11 0-9) - This team had some pulse with Jared Goff starting as a true freshman and Sonny Dykes as coach but still went 0-9 in a weak Pac-12 and only beat Portland State by 7.
  7. 2021 Arizona (1-11 1-8) - Our boy Jedd took over a truly atrocious situation. This team was still awful and lost to a bad Northern Arizona team and Jimmy Lake.
  8. 2014 Colorado (2-10 0-9) - This team is here mostly for going 0-9 in-conference and only grabbing close wins over bad Hawaii and UMass teams. They showed hope in Mike McIntyre's first year and almost won a few games though.
  9. 2018 Oregon State (2-10 1-8) - Jonathan Smith took over a tough situation and had some improvement and got a win over Colorado in OT. Other than that though they weren't competitive in any Pac-12 games.
  10. 2013 Colorado (4-8 1-8) - Major struggles in McIntyre's first season.

Others considered: 2015 Colorado, 2016 Arizona, 2012 Washington State, 2022 Stanford, 2011 Colorado


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