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Best Teams of the Pac-12 Era

WoolleyDoogWoolleyDoog Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 2,455
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As the resident shitty Jon Wilner with no outlet anymore to share my Pac-12 autistic lists and the conference winding down, everyone asked for me to put some listicles to debate in the offseason here from the era 2011-2023.

Let's start with best teams:

  1. 2023 Washington - There's a conversation about the Top 3 in my opinion. I give the edge to DeBoer's boys because of the Herculean accomplishment of running the table in the Pac-12 plus a championship game rematch. I think 2016 UW might be more talented (particularly on D) and 2014 Oregon has that blowout win over Florida State and both have a usual margin of victory advantage I just really think 23 UW needs to be recognized for what they did, and in what was hyped up as like the best Pac ever.

2. 2014 Oregon - It's almost eerie how similar things ended for 23 UW and 14 Oregon in the first and last of the final four against the only Big 10 teams to win it both losing by 20 plus in games everyone forgets or acts like weren't one-possession games in the fourth with both their star QBs getting banged up and struggling down the stretch. Dinged for losing to Arizona at home. Points for blowing out Florida State in the Rose Bowl.

3. 2016 Washington - Maybe the most complete team of this era. They ran up against a historically great Bama defense in the CFP and an ultra talented USC team took them out and exposed Cobra Jack's weaknesses.

4. 2012 Oregon - I will always say this is actually the best Oregon team of all-time (better than 2014) they just ran into maybe Stanford's best team of all-time who was due to beat them. They had Chip over Helfrich here but also Mariota was only a freshman and they might have been lifted up by a historically shitty Pac-12.

5. 2012 Stanford - Oregon gets the edge for not starting the season like ass and losing to Sark and UW in the Clink because they started the wrong QB. This team was frightening by the end of the season.

6. 2016 USC - How do you put them below UW when they beat them? You have to consider the full season in college football and USC started terribly. Beating SaQuon and Penn State in the Rose Bowl with Darnold taking flight made them probably the third best team at the end of the season and they could have been competitive against Bama or Clemson. Like 2012 Stanford, started the wrong QB to start the season.

7. 2015 Stanford - Another weird slow starting team who lost to Northwestern somehow then were super close to making the CFP. Bonus points for knowing how legit McCaffrey really was.

8. 2011 USC - Slow starts slow starts slow starts. This team was a wagon with Matt Barkley, Matt Kalil and Robert Woods and Marqise Lee late in the season. They were sanctioned or would have done damage in a bowl game.

9. 2011 Oregon - Having Chip Kelly and De'Anthony Thomas makes this team almost scarier than 2014 Oregon to me. Having Darron Thomas instead of Mariota limits them though.,

10. 2011 Stanford - How did this team lose to Okie State? Wait…Okie State damn near ran the table that year.

Honorable Mentions

2019 Oregon, 2022 Washington, 2023 Oregon, 2021 Utah, 2018 Washington



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