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Well, this is a first.

BendintheriverBendintheriver Member Posts: 5,638
The racist Fed and their willing partners in the msm make up the narrative to fit their political goals. Lately the Jew haters are now trying to tell us that Islamophobia is the problem while ignoring the antisemitism that is at all time highs and running rampant. I heard again last night that white supremacy is #1 on the terror list. We all know that is BS, a lie made up by rats to turn us against each other.

What continually goes without leftist comment are the horrific crimes committed by the black community. I know we all know this is a very big problem facing our country but the linked article below is a first for me and it illustrates just how bad it has gotten. A mother stoically watches her 17 year old son shoot and kill a 14 year old and wound another teenager and then calmly goes home with her little murderer and never says a thing. Until this issue is addressed, it will only get more horrific.

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