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"Protestors for peace"

BendintheriverBendintheriver Member Posts: 5,054
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Same old same old. Rats don't get what they want so they get violent. They are too stupid to see their own hypocrisy and stupidity. You see these violent protests and 75% of the crowd are white rat voters, brain dead followers who clearly hate this country and Jewish people.

Was watching the rat voters protest in front of the dnc headquarters last night, when as usual, they got violent and sent some police to the hospital.

As a country we are so pussified. These protests need to be quelled with power. These left wing funded protests around the world have resulted in the deaths of Jewish people. How long do we let this continue? People need to be deported and the violence needs to not be allowed to happen and the bad guys need to be treated like the enemy they are. The college campuses who protect and allow the foreign students to act out in violence and threatening behavior against Jewish students need to be defunded.

Nothing will happen because everywhere these protests pop up is dominated by USA hating democrats. They think the violence is free speech.



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