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Sabans Best Coaching Job—-GOAT

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Nick Saban shares enjoyment of coaching up 2023 Alabama team:

Early in the season, it looked like it might be a long year for Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide. However, since losing to Texas, the Crimson Tide have won eight straight games and will now play in the SEC Championship Game.

For Saban, it’s been an incredibly fun experience getting this team in the position it is today.

“You know, it’s been fun,” Nick Saban said. “It really has been fun to see. I think that it seems like every team we’ve had in recent years, there’s these huge expectations, and you never want the expectations to impact you. But because there was such high expectations, it was almost like you were relieved to get the players to be where they needed to be so that they could have success.”

Most recently, Alabama beat Kentucky 49-21. That was largely on the back of quarterback Jalen Milroe, who has come into his own as the season has gone on, building a stronger and stronger relationship with offensive coordinator Tommy Rees.

“With this team, I didn’t have those expectations. I knew we could be good. I believed in them. But I knew it was going to be a work in progress. So, it was like every day, you’re just trying to teach lessons that will help them grow and develop. And they’ve done a great job of that, and it’s been fun,” Saban said.


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