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Another sad Hopkins product...

BroadcastingDawgBroadcastingDawg Member Posts: 1,247
edited November 2023 in Basketball Board
I went to the home opener and was able to get a seat about 15 rows up half court for $11. Says a lot about the interest in this team.

On paper, they should be really good. But of course, they're just not.

Koren Johnson had a nice game, dropping some 25 points while leading the point. He got really hot in the second half... drained multiple 3's in a row while mixing in some nice drives to the hoop.

Next game? Koren Johnson starts the game on the bench because transfer guard Sahvir Wheeler didn't play in game 1. That's how you reward 25 points Hop? Starting your home grown talent on the bench in favor of a drive only point guard with turnover issues?

Is it any coincidence that when Hop removes their only real perimeter threat from the starting lineup that the offense goes to shit?

Game 1: 10 of 20 from 3 // Game 2: 3 of 17 from 3 // Game 3: 7 of 24 from 3.

I like Wheeler... I think he's got some nice game. But he's committed 11 turnover in his first 2 games along with 7 personal fouls. He's 1 of 7 from 3. Yet Hopkins makes a roster decision that unilaterally hurts the team.

Bottom line... again, this team has no semblance of an offensive plan. They just run around like chickens with their heads cut off until the prayer of making a shot is eventually answered. There are no sets. There's no plan to get the ball inside on the block. Although... it really wouldn't matter because none of their bigs have any clue about what to do with the ball if they were to get it down there. They aimlessly pass the ball around the perimeter until the shot clock is low enough that someone has to take a 1-on-1. It's just all bad.

On defense, they rarely make a savvy play. They're often caught out of position and haven't got the slightest clue on how to stop a back cut. The amount of times a team runs about 20 off the clock on them and ends up with an easy bucket late or an offensive rebound because UW is so out of position is astonishing. Actually... it's not really because its been a problem since Hop took over. They commit dumb fouls all the f'n time from being out of position and unable to anticipate at all.

Hops 3x transfer guards/small forwards who start in Wheeler, Wood, and Mulcahey are a combined 7 of 29 from 3.... that's 24%... starters, ha.

UW's big men are averaging 5.7, 3.7, and 3.0 points per game - ouch. It's clear Hop has no idea what he has here as they all spend odd lengths of time on the bench - there's just no plan around their use or which sets/players they're most successful with.

It's just all bad man. This team will win some games because there's talent... but that's about all this team has.


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