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4th down hawt talk

CFetters_Nacho_LoverCFetters_Nacho_Lover Moderator, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 28,545
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I think one of the key points of the game nobody is talking about is the 4th down decision making by Lanning.

I listened to a pod yesterday called 4th and inches, 3 Husky fans and a Duck - I needed something game related to listen to while walking my dWags and this was available.

So the 4th downs get discussed and the Duck says he agreed completely with the call at the end of the half because UW had 5 possessions and scored TDs on 3 and Duck defense didn’t have an answer and Lanning probably thinks he needs to keep pace, especially considering Duck offense was taking more time to score than UW.

What was left unsaid on the pod and most other places other than a few posts in the game thread is Duck defense had stopped Penix for most of the previous 18 minutes, no TOs remaining, Penix looked hobbled, etc.

I’m summary, what cunt would read this far?


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