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Old Cascade League update

DerekJohnsonDerekJohnson Administrator, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 57,807
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I predicted back in May that ChuckHIV's Sidehill Gougers would win the championship. He got off to a slow start with an 0-5 record, but then went on a hot streak and finished the season at 15-10-1. He finished second in the regular season but got ousted in the semifinals last week. His fortunes seemed to slip when Ohtani went on the DL. But the Chuckster was a great addition to our league.

Sodo Mojo (owned by @TXDawg) won the regular season title and is currently leading the Van Buren Boys during the championship round this week. The Van Buren Boys are vying to become the first repeat champion in league history. Sodo Mojo has been in first place for most of the season and put together a great roster.

Stalin's team, The Wartime Consiglieres, started off 9-4-1 and was firmly in control of 2nd place, when the wheels came off the wagon. Five of my top 7 starting pitchers were either lost for the season or spent significant time on the DL. And of my original 14 hitters who broke spring training and were in the dugout on Opening Day, 10 of them went on the DL during the season. My team finished 12-12-1 and in fourth place, out of the playoffs. Pretty disappointing to say the least. I've never had a team so decimated by injuries.

We had a lot of fun this year, though.


  • chuckchuck Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 10,154
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    Just wait till Chuck and HIV get all their guys in there.

    When the Angels shut it down with Ohtani and everyone else of note, the rest of my roster seemed to give up. Moniak and Neto were keys to the big hot streak through the summer, then Lois Rengifo got hot as they got injured and/or cooled off then the next thing I knew he was on the DL. Ohtani was just launching homers, stealing bases, and hitting over .300 throughout. Every day for at least a week I read how he was going to be back in the lineup, right up to the point that it was revealed he had cleaned out his locker and was no warning just gone.

    Santander stopped hitting, Siri stopped hitting then got hurt. Tom Murphy went from red hot to hurt. It was uncanny how many guys struggled or were hurt right as Anaheim gave up.

    I'm thinking I won't roster any Angels next season, as tempting as it is to hold onto Moniak and Neto in particular. That franchise is poison.

    I've got it all figured out for 2024. You're all in big trouble.
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