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We Live in a Banana Republic, example 619,025,925

HoustonHuskyHoustonHusky Member Posts: 5,954
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Two-tier justice system…protect the connected and prosecute the establishment’s opponents.


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    RaceBannonRaceBannon Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 101,811
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    Swaye's Wigwam
    Mello thinks this is a gaslight
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    46XiJCAB46XiJCAB Member Posts: 20,967
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    edited May 2023
    The fact CBS even did this story tells you that the DIM establishment has given their blessing.

    Joey is being shown the door and he’s too brain dead to even see it coming. DIMS in Congress are pissed that he’s headed to Delaware today.

    He has one event on his calendar. Host the LSU WBB Champs. No debt ceiling talks.
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