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If you could bring back one deceased musician, who would it be?



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    1to392831weretaken1to392831weretaken Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 7,375 Swaye's Wigwam
    Obvious answer is Pup:

    I own a '65 SG , 80'-ish explorer and 79 ash strat. SG isnt snarly and powerful. That would be the explorer with "dirty finger" humbuckers. SG Is thinnist solid body there is imho,
    actually a refined and clean distortion. Hollowbodies were never meant for hard distortion. Strat is for it all. Most recognizable sound aside from the obvious like a Rickenbacker, or es335 or big gretsch hollowbody with famous tremolo sound. I LOVE those guitars.

    Great topic 47, Yella. Now youre talking pup's language

    I wanna be a Spaniard or damned beav...when tired of native beauties I would just need grab my Spanish guitar, say a few words, and have any ass of any white woman in my grill

    Difference between Pup and yellow:

    •Pup ties flies that catch fish
    •plays vintage guitars made in USA
    • Drives German vehicles
    •Bones Canadian women
    •witnessed every big UW win/loss ,(damn u Ahmen Green)
    •won regardless of scoreboard
    •actually traveled to support Dawgs
    •a few scares in lower region--ended up just jock itch
    •lots of white slime on shaft (girls come too)
    •epic tailgates
    •made millions in market
    •could go on

    •went to a few husky games
    •still getting AA from greenwater college
    •married 1st girl I laid
    •spends 18 hours/day on HH

    You seriously spin? I was so kidding. Take a bow, you are officially the biggest fussy-britches sissy here. The fact you actually referenced dnb and house to your defense is embarrassing as fuck. DONT reply to puppys posts anymore please...I dont know you.

    ps. EVERY DJ is a dead broke dreamer who never learned to play an instrament, and dropped out of school to chase peter. Once realized, a terrible mistake was made. DJ'ing isnt really an occupation, or something you can reliably get pussy with. Got you laid a few times, but the shelf life is short. Playing classical guitar will get you laid when you are 80. Hard to fire up the headphone -turntable combo when you're trying to get in Elma's dried up prune around the fire at the ole' cabin
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