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Couch Sale Update



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    EsophagealFecesEsophagealFeces Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 11,455
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    chuck said:

    UW still needs a plug and play LB from the portal IMO. Not because he's leaving, but because UW doesn't have much there.

    Agree. I’m glad we added Goforth, but we need more. I’d like the add the LB version of Muhammad. Just go out and big dick a decent team out of their stud MLB
    The kid the Cougs got from Nevada last year was great. There’s gotta be a kid like that out there somewhere.
    Exactly. We’d probably be in the playoff with that kid this year.
    Not with the corners they had this year
    With one stud LB, we beat ASU and probably UCLA. Even if we just beat ASU, we hang 50 on SC’s shit defense and likely get on the playoff over TCU where we hang 50 on Michigan’s shit defense and play Georgia for the all Dwags natty where UGA skull fucks us like they’re going to do to TCU
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    haiehaie Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 20,450
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    Turning it over 3 times including a safety against UCLA. Pretty much we don't do that with the team we had on the field and it's a toss up. We were down 8 with over 4 minutes to go.

    ASU it wasn't just that we lost every critical play on defense, we lose every critical play on offense too. Odunze was the target or ball carrier on almost all of them and he played terrible.

    We should have run it a lot more.
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    LebamDawgLebamDawg Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 8,534
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    Baseman said:

    I had Hemuli as a DDY-4. So --mark this down-- I for once was WRONG

    I think you are reading that wrong - a (minus) -4 rating was about right
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