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All time futbol Icon couch sell

chuckchuck Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 8,856
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Pele passed away at age 82.

When I was a young kid I was really interested in sports history. I accumulated a ton of old magazines and books. I was mainly into baseball and could recite career and beat season stats for baseball players dating back to Ty Cobb, but I'd read about any sport I had played or watched, including futbol.

Anyways, the real sport icons in my mind at the time were Babe Ruth, Jonny Unitas, Wilt Chamberlain, Jesse Owens, and Pele. My brother and I would frequently crack the backs of our heads on our rocky yard trying to emulate the iconic bicycle kick.

Just some memories illustrating why I made the post. It seems appropriate for this board.


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