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Deboner to Nebraska



  • WoolleyDoogWoolleyDoog Member, Swaye's Wigwam Posts: 884
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    thechatch said:

    thechatch said:

    I actually think Deboer is a great GameDay coach and, like Pete, he knows how to build culture, which might be the most important trait for the guy behind the big desk. He recruits like shit, but will be able to mitigate that through the portal and find the guys that fit his program and remain competitive. Expect him to hover between 8 and 11 wins on an annual basis. The lower end in years where he doesn’t have a playmaker at QB to spread the ball around. He might even take UW to a CCG before he leaves, and leave he will, as he’ll grow to loathe upper campus like many of you do. He’s obviously exceeded my 8 win ceiling for year 1, so I’ve got to give him credit.

    At the end of the day, he went into Eugene and found a way to win, and, to any Husky fan born after 1980, that is all that matters, as the tee shirt says.

    I sincerely hope this helps.

    We’ve already called him Jonathan Smith with better players.

    Apparently we’re supposed to be terrified by this.
    Dan Lanning is Sark with better players.
    Try again.
    Deboer is Pat Hill without the mustache.
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