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Welcome to the Hardcore Husky Forums. Folks who are well-known in Cyberland and not that dumb.


I'm new here. What does "mods" mean? Are tying to have my post deleted for being too dense in factual content?


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  • PurpleBaze
    You ded?
    July 6
    • GrundleStiltzkin
    • Doog_de_Jour
      I went to full site on mobile and found article. Here it is:

      "Fetters, Jude...the CNN of husky football"

      Who's worse, Adam Jude or Chris Fetters? One, a sleazy Jim Acosta type, trying to produce a 'gotcha moment' on Chris Petersen, the other a typical low-budget writer for 20 years, trying to be relevant. One for the Seattle Times (a husky-hating Barbara Hedges lover, title IX advocate , trying desperately for 30 years to destroy husky football in favor of womens' basketball and softball)...the other a politically correct, totalitarian-run website , where Kim Grinolds (the content boss) ban's any user he disagree's with regarding husky football. For instance, if you don't like the way Jake Browning is playing, don't say a word...you'll be looking for a new platform like Hardcore Husky to convey your views and opinions. HardcoreHusky.com let's you speak your mind, share your opinions without permanent banishment from the website. Oh, it's free to join too. Derek Johnson, the CEO, is a true and lifelong husky fan who encourages passionate discussion of husky football

      Chris Fetters, walked then jumped off the Husky plank immediately following the 'loss' 'at' Auburn. He wrote an overtly dramatic and ignorant piece on the front page of dawgman.com, in hurried fashion for page views immediately following the game, claiming the Huskies, and to a similar degree the Pac 12 chances at making the College Football Playoff, are essentially OVER!!!! Yup, he said it.

      He should know that the national title, in any era (AP/Coaches, bcs, playoff) has NEVER been decided on Sept 1st. EVER.
      He's responsible now for a tired and lazy argument, just reiterating the SEC-friendly, ESPN-paid narrative established by everyone west of the majestic Rocky Mountain range. When it comes time for the committee to choose teams in December, UW won even though they lost. This is a really good football team and they know it. They all watched it. No worries dawgfans, as Puppylove assumed and posted to Hardcore Husky late Saturday night, the AP would recognize UW's efforts. They dropped them only a few spots to #9 in the country, not out of the top 25 where Chris Fetters led his readers at Dawgman to believe.

      Everyone is going to lose but Alabama, maybe Clemson. If UW takes care of business in the pac12, however challenging, they are a shoe-in for the playoff.. Fetters seemed to indicate otherwise, because he wanted to create page views by manufactured controversy. Wont help. Fetters and I go back a long ways, and Pup always mops the floor with his ignorant views on Husky football, and college football in general. Of course all he just had to do was hit the ban button everytime I had a dissenting opinion, like everyone at dawgman has done through the years, which spawned HardcoreHusky.

      Despite Fetters view, This game isnt a referendum on the pac12. It's quite the opposite. Cincinnati and Arizona's ineptitude certainly didnt help the pac 12, but it's a long season, and UCLA will get a lot better with DTR at QB.. A lot of football yet to be played. USC, Stanford and to a lesser extent Utah are still very much in playoff race as well and has NOTHING TO DO WITH UW LOSS (a WIN in my eyes,down the road with the committee, and others who understand college football. )

      The ACC is clearly the worst conference in football, a 1-team league. If Clemson stumbles in conference, which they have a significant propensity to do (if you've followed college football longer than 10 years) they're done and NOT Washington and the pac12. The ACC doesnt have a Stanford, USC, UTAH or Oregon (had ducks decided to play somebody) this year. They have nobody. Florida State, the ACC's #2' got heavily reamed by a gutted, very average ACC team in Virginia Tech. A team on par with say Washington St or Arizona St.

      USC and Stanford play big games still. Stanford has a legit shot at playoff even with pac12 loss early. Just beat ND, UW. USC is In even with loss at texas. Just run table, beat ND. Utah...run table they're in. So it's really not as dire as Mr. Fetters led us to believe. It would sure help everybody if USC beat Texas, but a tall order with an 18 year-old at qb.

      Texas and Oklahoma are catching the pac12 at the right time. USC and UCLA are both starting true freshmen at QB respectively (should Chip Kelly go with Thompson-Robinson) T-R is going to be a great qb. He is the real deal. The committee understands this. They realize the ACC is a dumpster deposit, and the pac 12, with USC's JT Daniels and UCLA's Dorian Thompson-Robinson, are still better than FSU and VT with whoever they trot out, including Francois. USC, the pac12's 4th best team in Puppy's mind, is still better than the ACC's 2nd, 3rd, 4th.....

      So fetters, the pac12 is far from out of the playoff in week 1. Its all about the timing of the losses by other teams, and who they lose to.

      And Jude? You are irrelevant in this town. Ted Miller, who was decent at best, still was twice the reporter you are. Crawl out your plush Tacoma crack house on Hill Top and actually cover a Husky practice. And with your credentials, actually cover a game with knowledge of the players, their #'s, heights, weights etc.. how long do you expect to get away with winging this husky football thing? Your blatant disrespect and disregard of Chris Petersen's injury protocol hasnt been duplicated since the Don James era, over 30 years ago. It's why UW coaches dont trust the Seattle Times. Don James got burned by smug, disrespectful reporter just like yourself regarding a particular QB and an jnjury then .
      Take a bow punk, the media has come full circle, and you're to blame. Like Jim Acosta at CNN, I hope Petersen doesnt call upon during presser's like Sarah Sanders doesnt Acosta ... I certainly wouldnt...!

    • PurpleBaze
      The ©
    • GrundleStiltzkin
    • PurpleBaze
      Hi J, Baze, Swaye, WAC. Asked DJ a few times via email to tell Y’all hello from the southern swamp land.....and sorry grumble.
  • DawgsCanDance
    Thanks for the welcome... I do know what to do here and intend to have a good time
    June 26
    • PurpleBaze
      Have you dropped Irishdawg22 a PM yet?